/OnePlus TV to be launched coming year

OnePlus TV to be launched coming year

OnePlus, a well renowned brand in smartphone markets, is going to make its debut in Television Industry soon. After introducing really good accessories like wireless earphones and surprisingly awesome backpacks in market, though nothing as complex or expensive as a television set is announcing the news on the OnePlus online forums. Company chief Pete Lau describes it as the first step in building a connected human experience with help of OnePlus TV.

Every hardware manufacturer company in today’s era is looking at new ways to make smart home space. Samsung and Huawei recently announced smart speakers, Apple and Google already have the HomePod and Google Home, respectively and Microsoft and Sony are in the market with their products like Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

OnePlus has decided to make its entry point into this market with the TV itself, which has always been at the center of home entertainment, though often with the help of other connected devices. OnePlus wants to bring the home environment to the next level of intelligent connectivity. To do this, OnePlus is building a new product of OnePlus’ premium flagship design, image quality and audio experience to more seamlessly connect the user experience to all new level.

The OnePlus smart TV will be developed by a new division within OnePlus, led by Pete Lau himself. Still at the earliest stages of development, OnePlus is currently seeking input from its fans, as it often does, about what their priorities with a future smart TV will be?

OnePlus TV
OnePlus to launch its own OnePlus TV.

The Goal Of OnePlus with OnePlus TV

The goal of OnePlus TV is to create a “clean, efficient, and smart” hub for your smart home. That means combining a smart TV platform that focuses on entertainment with something more like a smart speaker or smart display, which answers questions and controls other device’s functionality.

OnePlus has not yet share its OS partner, but it’s a big, mainstream provider. OnePlus is not rolling out its own platform, its TVs will fit into existing ecosystems.

According, to the OnePlus the TV doesn’t have to be a TV that plays films or TV shows or series. It can be a home automation hub to control your home’s climate and entertainment system, or the window for you to communicate with the world. The vision he described involves a TV with far-field microphones that could answer questions from anywhere in the house and works more as a virtual assistant than as an entertainment center. It’ll also connect well to smartphones, as similar like bullet wireless.

According to OnePlus the OnePlus TV will also get updates, that’s definitely one way the smart TV industry could change. Samsung, for instance, drops support and updates for many of its smart TVs after two years, leaving apps orphaned and often failing.
This doesn’t mean the features of OnePlus TV are entirely set. Like it’s doing with its smartphones, OnePlus will take suggestions from its community on what features to include, something we don’t believe any other TV manufacturer or company is doing.

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