/Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will support 960FPS Slo-Mo recording
Xiaomi Mi MIX3

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will support 960FPS Slo-Mo recording

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, is the upcoming flagship smartphone, seems to be the most ambitious device, from the Chinese company. It is set to bring an edge-to-edge display design with relatively high screen-to-body ratio without a notch to hinder your experience.

Xiaomi has already confirmed that it will feature a slide-out design to reveal the camera module, making it the newest device to go for motorized elements after Vivo NEX and Oppo Find X. However It`s less than a week left for the launch of MI Mix 3 and still leaks are popping out, now it has been revealed that the Mi Mix 3 will be the first Xiaomi flagship smartphone to support 960FPS “Super Slow Motion” video recording, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Slo-Mo Capabilities:
Xiaomi MI MIX 3 at 960 FPS
Xiaomi MI Mix 3 at 960 FPS Credits: XDA

The leak came out from a popular opensource website XDA While going through through the Mi Mix 3 firmware files, XDA Junior Member Franzesca discovered that the latest version of the MIUI camera app includes a new feature that will enable users to capture videos at 960FPS. When examining the feature list for the device codenamed (Perseus), it was found that the device will support this new video recording mode. Going by previous leaks, it is believed that (Perseus) is the code-name for the Mi Mix 3 but still its not sure.

960 frames per second, slow motion video recording. Only 3 days left until launch! ❤️#Xiaomi #MiMIX3 pic.twitter.com/ZRGD5FKrm4
— Donovan Sung (@donovansung) October 22, 2018

Other brands like Samsung and Sony flagship smartphones supporting 960FPS Super Slow Motion video capture, the Mi Mix 3 will utilize frame interpolation to achieve 960FPS, similar to Huawei implementation in the P20 Pro. Since the Mi Mix 3 will achieve the slow-motion effect by interpolating from 240FPS to 960FPS, the result will not be as impressive as Samsung and Sony flagship smartphones in terms of overall quality. Latest Samsung flagship smartphones such as the Galaxy Note 9 feature a Sony IMX345 or a Samsung S5K2L2 image sensor, both of which come with dedicated memory to enable 960FPS video recording.

The dedicated memory allows the smartphones to store the high number of frames being captured temporarily before passing them on to the image buffer and then to the onboard storage. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, however, is expected to feature a Sony IMX363 primary sensor, like the Mi 8 and Mi Mix 2S. The Sony IMX363 does not come with built-in DRAM memory, which is why the device will have to use frame interpolation to support 960FPS Super Slow-Motion video capture.

Apart from discovering the new video recording mode, the folks at XDA-Developers have also claimed that the Mi Mix 3 is likely to be sold in at least a few markets outside China as Xiaomi has been working on developing software for a (Perseus global) MIUI version for quite some time.

Ahead of the launch event in Beijing on October 25, Xiaomi has confirmed that some models of the Mi Mix 3 will support 5G connectivity. There are also reports of the Mi Mix 3 coming in multiple versions including some supporting up to 10GB of RAM. There is very little left to the imagination, but we will know more details including price later this week. While Xiaomi did not launch the Mi Mix 2S in India, we are certainly hopeful of seeing the Mi Mix 3 launch in India soon.