/Best Earphones money can buy under 1,000 INR

Best Earphones money can buy under 1,000 INR

Earphones have become most essential part of our lifestyle weather it’s a Bluetooth version or wired or over head headphones. And most smartphone have stopped bundling earphones with their smartphones its also one factor which led customer to go for after market earphones. And when you see in market there is like a wholesome market of these earphones ranging from 100 INR to 1,00,000 INR year earphones yes costing 1 lakh Rs or 1000$. I always wonder why someone would spend that much on just earphones I do not know if you know let us know in comment section.

So here we are not going to talk about expensive earbuds, here we will focus on best earphone you can buy money can buy under 1,000 INR.

We’ve compiled a list of the best affordable earphones at under Rs 1,000, to help you pick the best sound on a budget. There are some reputed brands in this list, along with options from headphone makers that you may not necessarily have heard of before. But surely all are bang for buck.

Why should you buy headphones under Rs 1,000?

Most important question why not to buy an expensive earphone why to stick to a budget earphone. Well a limited budget is one of the most obvious reason, other reason could be if you have a particularly brutal commute to work that could put strain on the headset or tend to just toss them in your bag loosely when you aren’t using them, you may not want to spend much.

Apart from that, it might also help to own a second pair of affordable headphones for use in certain environments, including at the office or while riding a two-wheeler, or for hands-free calls. The detailing in 1,000 INR earphone will not be as what you see on premium earphone but surely the list we have prepared after lot of testing will surely put your brain think twice to figure out are these sounding better than my 5,000 buck’s earphone or any expensive earphones.

Lets checkout the all the best earbuds under 1,000 INR
SoundMagic ES18S Buy HereSound magic

Soundmagic is a Chinese brand Founded in 2005 by acoustic design engineer Tony Xu, the main objective of the company is to provide great sound experience with the quality at a decent price and all earphones manufactured are specially tuned by engineers to provide accurate listening experience.

SoundMagic ES18S is the budget Earphone from Soundmagic which comes with mic for active series for call answering, pause and play with a one-button remote control.
Sound Signature & Features

– Comfortable fit and distinctive design
– Powerful bass balanced with superb musical detail
– Good balance, precise reproduction
– Wide-Sound stage
– Good noise isolation hear protection

The SoundMagic ES18S makes great sound affordable. Featuring upgraded 10mm Neodymium drivers and a carefully tuned sound chamber, audio performance is equal to earphones several times its cost. The ES18S has excellent clarity and strong bass performance with a dynamic and refined sound signature. An obvious alternative to the bundled earbuds that come with mobile phones and tablets, the ES18S is a perfect partner for portable devices.


•Wearing Style: In the ear
•Driver Type: Dynamic, Neodymium
•Driver Size: 10mm
•Frequency range: 15Hz – 22kHz
•Impedance: 16Ω
•Sensitivity: 100dB
•Cable length: 1.2m
•Connector: Gold-plated 3.5mm straight plug
•Weight: 11g

Brainwavz Omega Buy HereBrain Wavz

Brainwavz provides high-end earphones specifically designed for high-quality sound and tailor-made to provide the user with a solution that can be used across a wide range of audio genres and styles. Brainwavz believes in the idea that sound is a deeply personal experience and strives to provide users with earphones that match their personal inclinations, to inspire with intensity.

• Sound Signature & Features
• Stainless steel metal earbud housing in a compact and lightweight design.
• Built with high performance micro audio speakers, these stereo earphones produce lower distortion, extended frequency response,
• superb bass response that is not too heavy and the included noise isolating (not noise cancelling) ear tips eliminate ambient noise.
• Designed for Android, iOS & Windows devices, MP3/MP4 Player | Portable Music’s Player
• High-Fidelity audio
• Crisp clean sound

In Our list this is one of the smallest earphone which comes with 6 mm driver wrapped in aluminum housing. Braided cable one of the light and sturdy earphone. In sound department they sound balanced bass is not over powering high are sparkled and vocals are crystal clear. If you are looking for flat sound signature, then this one is for you.


• Drivers: Dynamic, 6 mm
• Rated Impedance: 16 Ω
• Frequency Range: 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
• Sensitivity: 98 dB at 1 mW
• Rated Input Power: 3 mW
• Cable: 1.2 m Y-Cord, Copper
• Plug: 3.5 mm, Gold plated

Focal Sense 100SI Buy HereFocal Sense

Focal has been creating benchmark acoustic equipment since 1979 for various high-fidelity markets such as home audio loudspeakers, headphones, car speaker drivers and monitoring loudspeakers. Core businesses: Speaker drivers and high-fidelity loudspeakers. Focal is one of the only companies in the world to constantly invest in acoustic research.
Focal Sense 100Si is the Budget oriented product from the Focal yet otherwise all the earphones from Focal are sold are at very high price.
The Build quality is good comes with the Flat cable with minimalistic design, overall the build quality is good, and it is having a V-shape sound signature means the bass and treble will be high. Good noise isolating ear tips.

We highly recommend you these earphones if you wanna submerge yourself into the ocean of music.

House of Marley Smile Jamaica Buy HereHouse of Marley

If you are looking for something different something stylish jazzy and earphone with a wooden housing and Kevlar cable, then this one is for you. It comes in different color options in dual-tone colors, in sound signature these are enjoyable you will love it. It does not sound as good as JBL or Focal, but it does its job very well as it’s the one who will like to try something different.

Specification & Features

• Three sizes of ear tips make up these noise-isolating earbuds, while powerful 8mm moving coil drivers provide clean, crisp sound with powerful bass
• Designed and built with FSC certified sapele and beech wood and recyclable aluminum
• 52-inch fabric cord helps reduce tangles and is specially engineered to cut down on static so you get that clear sound
• 1 button mic. 9mm dynamic driver. These use a standard 3.5 mm jack
• Frequency Response: 18Hz – 20kHz, Impedance: 16ohms – Sensitivity: 98 dB
• Device interface – primary: Buttons. Microphone Form Factor: With microphone
• Headphones Form Factor: Noise Cancelling

Boat Bassheads 220 Buy HereBoat Bass head

Boat is company known for earphones in India it has first launched it Bluetooth headset after its immense success this Chinese company launched more products in to the market.
With the name itself you can understand the Bassheads trust me on this these earphones are for those who really love Boommy bass apart from that the sound is loud overall value for money product if you love bass and listen music on high volumes.

JBL C100SI Buy HereJBL

JBL is the company known for their speakers the well renounced brand entered in earphone market long back. There are not lot of options you see of JBL in market as because considerably their prime target is manufacturing the speakers and they have mastered it with the time.

If we particularly talk about this earphone ohh mighty lord this 9 mm driver sound so precise and perfect every instrument is crystal, clear and most important once after wearing them I do not felt like removing it. We highly recommend these pair of earphones seriously they are just awesome.

But only the driver unit is not only thing which makes a earphone perfect there are other things as well. We were highly disappointed by the build quality of earphone the wire is very thin keel kind of flimsy, other than that the housing of speaker is okay in look and feel you won’t say that it is 700 INR product but when you put it into your ears it will surely bring smile on your face.

So if you are caring and keep you stuff with great care then surely this will run for you long time, otherwise we are not sure in rash behavior how long it will survive.

Specification & Features

• JBL Legendary Sound
• Powerful Drivers deliver thumping Bass
• Lightweight and Comfortable with 3 sizes of ear tips that are included allow you to choose a size that gives you the most comfortable listening experience even for longer listening periods
• One-button universal remote with Noise cancelling microphone: Answer and manage your calls effortlessly, with the touch of a button
• Compatible with Android and iOS devices (Mobile, Tablet, Laptop & Audio Player)
• Frequency Range: 20Hz to 20kHz 9mm driver
• Gold Plated 3.5mm jack with 1.2m long cable

1More Piston Fit Buy Here1 more piston fit

1More is a same company which used to make earphone for Xaiomi, they have started their own line-up series of earphones the brand has been pushing the boundaries with design and quality without driving prices up to high, and it’s worked for 1More.

You will believe if I say there are three drives fit in one speaker unit yes company has launched its Triple driver earphone and Quad driver earphones also, they are quite on quiet expensive side.

The 1More Piston Fit is among the best affordable headphones you can buy. making it well within reach for buyers on a budget. There’s a lot on offer in terms of design, build quality, comfort and sound performance, which is why it’s our pick.

The driver delivers plenty of bass, which will appeal to most users. Additionally, the bass doesn’t hamper other frequencies, which makes this a good pair of headphones for most popular genres.

There are a few flaws to the 1More Piston Fit, including poor ear tips and a lack of volume controls on the in-line remote. While there is a microphone with a single button remote for play / pause / call answer, the lack of volume buttons means you’ll have to pull out your phone every time there’s a spike on volume or if you just want to turn it up or down. However, the aluminum build, capable sound and attractive price makes this our favorite pick under Rs 1,000.

Sennheiser CX180 Buy HereSennheiser CX 180

The Sennheiser CX180 is a ever green product, and is among the most popular affordable aftermarket options today. While it doesn’t quite have the same build quality and sound as the 1More Piston Fit, it does have the price advantage, the comfort and the solid reputation of being a Sennheiser product.

Furthermore, Sennheiser has a more reliable distribution and service network in India, making the CX180 an easier pair of headphones to buy. In terms of sound, while it isn’t above average for the price, it does fit the bill for most buyers in the category. You get a sound that is inoffensive and works with most popular genres.

Although there is no microphone or remote, you do get capable enough sound and the ease of mind knowing you own headphones from one of the most reputed brands in the headphone industry. If for whatever reason you can’t go with the 1More Piston Fit, the Sennheiser CX180 is a worthwhile pick purely for affordable in-ear listening and nothing else.

Realme Buds Buy HereReal me Buds

Realme a sub brand of Oppo recently entered into the Indian market and in very less span of time have captured good position in market. Realme recently launched its earbuds at Rs. 499, the Realme Buds are a well-designed, solidly built option at under Rs. 500.

While the sound is a bit bass-heavy, the magnetic clamping mechanism, three-button remote and microphone, along with a Kevlar fiber cable for added durability. This should make it significantly more durable than competing products. When compared to JBL and Sennheiser CX180 the sound is not as what we see on these earphones but if we see over all package the sound, build quality durability then Realme buds stands out in the market with no doubt.

Do Let us know in comment section which earphone you are choosing and if you have any confusing in selecting which earbuds you should go for kindly contact on our chat we will love to hear from you.