/1More Triple Driver BT ANC Complete In-depth Review
1More Triple Driver BT ANC

1More Triple Driver BT ANC Complete In-depth Review

The headphone market has become a premium playground in recent years, I still remember around 10 years back 1000 Rs earphone was also seems very expensive to us. And today there is no max limit of price for headphones the person who are looking for upgrade they are hell more confused in selecting earphone than buying a smartphone.

Every specific earphone comes with defined sound signature and with different price tag, and most important it is not easy to choose the right earbud for yourself unless you yourself listen and experience the particular headphone. Giving a review are just words they do not justify what experience exactly these pieces of technology is providing.

Here we will share our thoughts in words what we experienced from 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth Earbud soon that you can make your choices at least to some extent.

1More has been trying to change that perception recently, with a number of well-received well-priced headphones. These most recent in-ears are hoping to add to that tally, offering wireless Bluetooth and noise-cancelling functionality for under £120.

These are first earbuds with triple driver setup with Bluetooth functionality, its wired version of 1More was fabulous check its review here, these earbuds are exactly same as wired one but now they come with bit of extra features.

Build:1More Triple Driver BT ANC

The two buds connect to a lightweight silicone band that sits around your neck. It’s so light that it is barely noticeable when you’re wearing it, but the aluminum caps at either end of the band ensure it is weighted forwards, so it doesn’t budge either. It’s also flexible, so it folds down pretty small, and feels plenty durable too, so you don’t have to be worry how to carry it.

The whole design is done kept in mind the aesthetics of users and though it looks bulky but trust me its very light weight. As it is neck band design so surely you will feel something wrapped around your neck but comparing to others its quite comfortable.

1More Triple Driver Multi-Functional Controller
1More Triple Driver Multi-Functional Controller

On the left-hand side of the neckband are the controls – a button for play/pause, a volume rocker, a switch for controlling the ANC level and voice enhancement (more on that shortly), and the power/pairing button.

Flip up the cap at the very end of the band, and you’ll find a USB-C port for charging and also wired use with the included USB-to-3.5mm cable.
It supports fast charging just like OnePlus bullet wireless in it you can get three hours of playback in just 10 minutes from flat, with a full charge offering seven hours playback within about an hour.

When you’re not listening, the buds can hang down and connect magnetically to one another to keep them secure.


The 1More Dual Driver in-ears pack proprietary noise cancellation developed by 1More itself, and it has two levels – a power-saving ANC mode and the full-fat version. You can switch between the two, or turn it off entirely, using the switch on the neckband.

The noise cancellation used here is the ‘feed forward’ variety – it means the ANC microphones sit on the outside of the earbuds to listen out for noise and aim to counteract it before you hear it. It’s not the very best noise-cancelling tech that’s available, but it is what we’d expect from a pair of headphones at this price.

At the other end of the scale, the 1More Dual Driver buds also cater for the times when you need to be more aware of what’s going on.

Not only do they offer an open back design to let in ambient noise when ANC is off, but they also feature a voice enhancement switch, for giving things a bit of a boost. This helps when you want to keep an ear out for train announcements or need to hear oncoming traffic when biking or running.

As for what’s behind the sound, 1More uses a dual-driver set up of a proprietary balanced armature and a titanium composite diaphragm in each earbud, which the company says has been created to produce a precise and balanced sound.

1More Triple Driver Two Balanced armatures and on Titanium Driver
1More Triple Driver Two Balanced armatures and on Titanium Driver

You don’t spend $100 for a pair of headphones on looks alone. There’s usually the promise of great sound, dynamic bass, or something else. In the case of these headphones, the name gives it away: three drivers are in each earbud to deliver on good sound.

Soundstage is wide and detailed, for the price I am looking at a direct competitor to the Shure SE215 or Vmoda Forza Mettallo. Each equipment is defined and placed exactly where it should be. The best representation of this I felt in while listening to the summer of 69. Their mastery of creating a story just by the soundstage and equipment placement is the best and unrivaled to this day. If you close your eyes you can feel and point out every single instrument played in “Maroon” album.

1More Triple Driver arrangement

Let’s start with the sub bass, which is a hit and miss in 1More Triple Driver. The Dynamic driver is used here to produce the low-end frequencies and it comes out strong and powerful in Metallica’s “The God That Failed”. But leaves me wanting more in A R Rehman’s “Chupke Se” which has a very subtle but definitive sub-bass.

Rest of the Bass frequencies are spot on and tight. Their is not a single loose frequency throughout the low end and it left me mesmerized by it. In Pantera’s “Domination” and “Mouth Of War” I was unable to stop my head from banging with the beat. I would have to say that the Bass is great and is everything you would have imagined while paying 10k for them.


Let me start with saying that Metallica’s Black Album is the best that I have heard in terms of recording quality and I adore every song of that album. I am a fan of James’ voice and screams and the dynamic range of his singing. And these, 1More Triple Driver make me fall in love with his vocals on a new level. His voice was in kick you in your face types in the “Through the Never”.

Next was some Adele-Hello. I can feel the timbre in Adele’s voice that I’ve never felt before and I am loving it. Small nuances like Adele taking breaths in between lines are clear as night and day. A few more songs and I am a fan of the vocal representation of these.

Kishore Ji’s voice is as clear as it can get. His small vibratos in vpice are one of the details I am hearing for the first time.


Triple driver having two balanced armatures are the reason why was stumble on Highs and I love the most, Clean and clear highs are the toughest to produce and any earbuds and these are great in this area. In the conclusion of the “Unfinished Sympathy” there is so much to listen for and in all that a small acoustic guitar is sometimes lost in the background, but here you can listen them adding the timbre to the sound which makes the song alive. In Inger Marie Gundersen’s cover of U2’s “One” the highs are just breath-taking.1More Triple Driver BT ANC


1More’s Dual Driver BT ANC in-ears are fabulous pair of in-ear headphones and with triple driver setup its just do wonders.
Their balanced, detailed sound is a breath of fresh air at this price, particularly considering the extra features.
Sure, the noise-cancelling technology isn’t the most aggressive we’ve heard, but it is effective, and most importantly, doesn’t effect the performance.

For a Price tag of of under 10k it is best buy you will surely get this price during sale time but above that we will prefer other true wireless buds. like RHA Trueconnect and many more are there.