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Android Q features

Google New OS Android Q Top Features coming in Smartphone in 2019.

The 2019 has begun and it is now time for new version of Android to launch by Google. After the Android Pie the new version will be Android Q the name has not yet finalized, but Google has rolled out the first beta version of Android Q. And for the first time, the company has released beta 1 along with developer preview of its upcoming OS. As widely speculated, Android Q brings several new features for Android smartphone users.

Here is list of all the New Feature that will see in Android Q.

Dark Themedark mode on android q

The Android Q beta 1 version also comes with a Dark Theme that can be enabled once you turn on the battery saver and that can be enabled by user in case, they want everything to be dark surely in smartphones coming with OLED panels we will see good battery backup. Pixel devices and some others have been updated to Q with the Dark Mode already enabled, as mentioned by XDA Developers.

More control over GPS

Google is revamping the user privacy by limiting the location access by apps in Android Q. Earlier you could either enable or disable the access by an app. Now, there’s a third option that lets the app see your location only when it is activated.

Sharing Data

Data sharing has also become easier in Android Q. Users will now see a faster loading and more useful menu while sharing a file. While sharing a URL, the option to copy the link is seen on top of the menu.

Smart Battery Indicatorbattery Indicator on android q

Android Q also changes the way the remaining battery life is shown on the top corner of the screen along with other notification icons. Instead of the battery percentage users will see text like ‘Until 9.30PM’. It is said that texts like these will show up only after a certain battery level. Before that users will be able to see the percentage.


As in Stock Android customization is not been a strong part but with this new version Google added New color themes in Android Q Beta 1. The color accent options are limited though – Device Default, Black, Green and Purple. It can be found in the ‘Developer Options’ and is similar to what OnePlus Oxygen OS has been sporting since months.

Connect WIFI with QR Codewifi with qr android q

If you are in restaurant or hotel and if they support the QR code WIFI network, then Users can now simply connect by scanning the QR Code. This means you don’t always have to give your Wi-Fi password to the user. It is a step towards automation but in practical life we will se how much this is useful.

More Camera Option For Developers

Google Android Q will let app developers access depth information in images. They will be able to access data containing information on the distance of objects from the camera lens. This will lead to better camera results via third-party apps.

HD Streaming & Seamless connectivity

The new OS version now supports open source video codec AV1. This means high-quality video content can be streamed to Android devices using less bandwidth.
Android Q Beta 1 also has something called as the ‘Desktop Mode’ wherein the handset seamlessly connects with an external display.

More options for app notification

Now in drop down menu there are more options for notification customization Long pressing an app notification will now show users more useful options to block them, show silently or keep alerting the way it was. Until Android 9 Pie, the options shown were ‘Stop Notifications’ and ‘Keep showing’.

Support for Future Folding Devices

Googlcreated this OS keeping in mind the folding device as they will may be future of smartphone Google confirms, Android Q will be supporting foldable smartphones. The OS version is likely to change the UI positions and other elements in the home screen as soon as the handset is folded.

Android Q have Better Navigation Gestures than Apple iPhone.

When Google first introduced gesture controls in Android Pie, many user felt Google’s implementation was half-baked. For example, you can only quick switch apps in a single direction, and the swipe up gesture to reveal the recent apps overview often results in the app drawer showing instead. Further, the transition animation between tasks doesn’t feel seamless, and the presence of the back button is hotly contested.

The following screenshots show the new “Developer Options” menu in Pixel Launcher.Google is testing better iPhone-style navigation gestures for Android Q

  1. Swiping right on the pill now uses a more seamless transition animation when changing tasks.
  2. Swiping left on the navigation bar can now switch to the task you just left. The transition animation here is a work-in-progress.
  3. Swiping up on the pill goes home. A new animation has been made for this gesture.
  4. Swiping up and holding on the pill shows the recent apps overview.
  5. Swiping up on the navigation bar while on the launcher now only shows the app drawer.
  6. Swiping down anywhere on the home page now brings down the notification panel.

Overall, these changes make Android Q’s gestures more like the iPhone. The biggest difference is that the back button is still there.

Another change introduced with these flags is that you have a much longer time to “undo” accidental task dismissals in the recent apps overview. We’re unsure if these new gestures, or the ones we discovered earlier, will form the basis of Android Q’s revamped gesture controls. Clearly, Google is doing a lot of behind-the-scenes experiments with gestures, so we are expecting major changes to gestures to be revealed during Google I/O 2019.

New themes in Android Q

Android Q Themes

Google rolled out the second beta update for Android Q. According to Google, the new update includes behavior changes to help improve performance, battery life, security, and privacy. The XDA team get into the build and grasped out everything.

The new beta also includes something interesting that should arrive in the final version of Android Q. One of the developers from XDA has managed to unpack the product image from the second Android Q beta for the Google Pixel 3 XL and found a new app called “PixelThemesStub.” The ‘stub’ suffix essentially means that it’s an empty APK that’s pre-installed so the Google Play Store can update it later.

There is no visual confirmation, this app could essentially bring theme changes to the UI including accent colors, icon shapes, and fonts. We have already seen some basic color and font options in the first beta of Android Q.

Android Q Themes
Android Q Themes Credits: XDA

The package is with the name

com.google.android.apps.customization.pixel, and the APK isn’t completely empty. There are various assets showing previews of each custom theme that will be available. Three custom themes with code-name “Anthony,” “Johanna,” and “Reiko.” are three strings that correspond to accent color, icon shape, and font.

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