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Bullet wireless v2 Triple Driver

OnePlus Bullet Wireless 2019 version Full In-Depth Review

After the launch of OnePlus 6T after that Unfortunately, OnePlus didn’t follow Google path in returning the headphone jack. Instead, it rolled out the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 earbuds. We will say these are a huge improvement over the first-gen Bullets Wireless. Sound quality is phenomenal thanks to the updated dual drivers and aptX HD support.

Bullet Wireless 2 Build with Triple driver and other features

Bullet wireless v2 Triple Driver

These earbuds mimic the OnePlus Bullets Wireless. The neckband and control module remain same as from the previous version. The most obvious aesthetic change applies to the earbud housings, which are significantly larger. This altered design makes room for the three-unit driver arrangement, which increases frequency reproduction between the three components mids, lows, highs. In the old Bullets Wireless, one driver per earbud was left to reproduce the frequency range, which made music less clear.

The housings are magnetic, which is helpful when the earbuds aren’t in use. Hooking them together automatically pauses playback while pulling them apart resumes it. The magnets also power the headset on and off. There is, however, a shortcut button on the left side of the neckband for pairing and alternating between two connected devices.

In Box Contents and connectionBullet wireless v2 in box Contents

You get the a small charging cable with the fast Wrap charge support, Unlike the old model, wing tips aren’t included. Instead, you get three pairs of ear tips to sheathe the angled nozzles. Finding the right pair takes a few minutes but is well worth it: these isolate the listener extremely well, rendering outside noise next to null. OnePlus also provides a red silicone case identical to the old one.

Other than that, some paper work and OnePlus sticker are there the major difference this time is done the sound enhancement. As previous version was having lots of complaints regarding sound reproduction.

Quick Pair technology lets users alternate between two simultaneously connected devices. Rather than pausing music on one device and playing on another, as most headphones with multi-connect require, listeners can switch devices by double-tapping the shortcut button.

Battery life

Playback time has nearly doubled from the old model. Instead of getting 7.16 hours of playback on a single charge, you get 14.23 hours. This is in part thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity as opposed to Bluetooth 4.1. Once the battery does deplete, connecting to the USB-C cable for 10 minutes affords 10 hours of playback. Fully charging the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 requires about an hour.

soundBullet wireless v2 Triple Driver

These earbuds support aptX HD and sound great. The neutral-leaning frequency response bodes well for all genres of music and custom EQ-ing. While the slight bass bump is noticeable, its emphasis isn’t at the expense of vocal clarity.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Bullets Wireless 2 sound signature is how well it reproduces an accurate sense of three-dimensional space. Whether I listened to Alan walker (on my way).

The Bullets Wireless 2 support aptX HD and sound fantastic.

Granted, how good the earbuds sound is heavily dependent on ensuring a proper fit. If the ear tips you use are too big or small, the bass response will be non-existent and outside noise will degrade overall audio quality.


For this price I was not looking for a powerful sub-bass but I found some. The main rhythm for the song is done by a Bass guitar and the lower notes are in the sub-bass region. The Bullets Wireless is able to play those frequencies but the tightness was missing.

Metallica’s “Orion” is one of the greatest instrumental pieces I ever heard and Cliff’s Bass is just “Wow”. With these earphones the bass was all over the place. The Bass solo was not as tight as it should be.


Metallica’s “Of Wolf and Man” is one of my favorites and the Lars’ work on drums is absolutely perfect throughout the “Black Album”. Playing the intro only made me switch the song. Reproduction of Bass frequencies is not that good. Everything is missing its spot, Mid Bass is muddled up with no detail at all.
I also tried something a normal person would listen to like A. R.Rehman’s “Behka” and it was somewhat better performance than previous fail. I could hear the electronic Bass clearly but the moment the Bass enters and leaves the beat, it effected the upcoming frequencies.

For a normal ear the Bass reproduction is good but for a trained year as mine, I was not at all impressed. I think the driver is not built well or the diaphragm is a bit cheap like you find something on a 1000 to 1200 Rs. earphones. On the Bass department it has disappointed me a lot.


For the asking price the mids are a bit muffelled. James’ vocals on “Death Magnetic” album is not as punchy as they should be. The Vocals on Chris Cornell’s Live compilation album “Songbook” are absolutely amazing but with Bullets Wireless I was not satisfied. The harshness and depths in the album sounded un-natural.

Lata Ji’s singing in “Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum” sounded almost perfect, the highs of female vocals were not as perfect as they should be. I felt with the Adele’s vocals in “Crazy for you”. There is a vulnerability in the way Adele sings this song, the highs in her vocal performance can touch your heart and make you fall in love with her voice. The Bullets Wireless does a good job representing those characteristics but not perfect.

The most perfect and accurate representation I heard was with Planar Magnetic drivers and I am not comparing these but I need to have a reference point to judge.
As having the Knowles driver, the mids are crisp and clear weather you watch movies or listen music.


With all the songs I mentioned earlier, I am going to say that the highs represented by these is hit and miss. These only supports aptX codecs which means the highest quality I can play on the Bullets Wireless is 320kbps, which does not provide great and extended highs.

The best Highs I heard in this range is 1More true wireless, the Bullets Wireless is just behind them. The Timber in acoustic guitar is not expressive enough and the snares are too shallow. The decay of Cymbals in Coke Studio Season 5 “Panchi Hoon” is not accurate and dies early.

Having a Triple driver surely make sense but it does not sound as we expect it to be.


Used the Bullets Wireless version 2 to listen music, watching movies and some YouTube. To my ears the soundstage is “alright”. Listening to David Gilmour’s “The Girl in the Yellow Dress” sounds like you are there but everything is panned to either channels. The wide soundstage does helps in movies and videos but everything is muffled in between.

Saw “Captain America: Civil War” with these and the panning helped for great ambience but was missing the middle section of the stage. Every dialogue was not as impactful as I wish it to be.

Adele’s “Live at Royal Albert Hall” is a great live album in its own terms. The ambience in songs like “Rolling in the deep” is breath-taking. With Bullets Wireless I didn’t felt the same magic I felt with Shure SE215 or similarly priced RHA S500.

A. R. Rehaman’s “Dil Se” was good, I say good because the overall layers of the songs were not as lively as they should be. The emotional cries and sadness that defines the song was not the same. Let’s talks about the Sound quality with the same song.

Should you buy the Bullets Wireless 2?

Bullet wireless v2 Triple Driver
Should you buy me?

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 will be available for $99 or 5,990 INR. If you’re in the market for wireless earbuds with premium features and a reasonable price, at this price we do not recommend you these earphones as main characteristic of earphone is the sound quality and we are very disappointed to say like OnePlus phones their Audio product do not meet the price to satisfaction ratio.


If not this then which earphone you can try you can have 1More True wireless earphone its great in sound signature and this company is into this field for very long or you can try RHA MA 390 Wireless both are awesome for its price. If you have any doubts do let us know in comment section or in chat section.