/Jio DTH Home to be launched very soon with new Plans

Jio DTH Home to be launched very soon with new Plans

In the starting of 2018 Jio has started working on its Optical fiber Internet line after getting the permission from TRAI and Government, by the time they were establishing the infrastructure by the mid of 2018 most areas were ready to provide service for both personal use and for testing purpose.

As still the Giga fiber of Jio has not yet reached all places and still yet to be officially announced the user who get their connection in early time are enjoying 100 Mbps speed for free with unlimited data, which help Jio to make strong consumer base before launch.

Jio Gigafiber speed test result of our office
Jio Gigafiber speed test result of our office

The connection requires the security fee of 4,500 Rs, that will be refunded if you willing to not use Jio service any more.


As we see the Jio router it’s not like normal router as in the pic you can see lots of ports are there, it seems Jio planned the router for all the services they are going to bring in future, Like Optical fiber Internet, Jio DTH, Jio Cordless Phone and what not.

Jio Gigafiber
Jio Gigafiber modem looks like this Telephone and TV ports are also available for future plans.

The router is capable of both 2.5Ghz and 5.0 Ghz and in setting if we checked we find many more options which are not yet active.

Jio’s DTH service will be known as Jio Home TV and the fact it comes bundled with the Jio optical Giga Fiber connection which will make it different from other players in this segment, especially with regards to the technology the upcoming service will be using.

Since the Home TV will be a service from Jio, it is expected to revolutionize the DTH and Cable TV industry in terms of pricing and implementation.

Jio Home TVJio DTH

The first major difference from the conventional DTH operators is how Jio packages it to the customer. Instead of selling it as a standalone service, Jio Home TV is expected to be a part of the GigaFiber broadband service and will be complimentary with every GigaFiber subscription.

Jio Home TV or Jio GigaTV will be a major leap from the current technology that existing DTH operators rely on. Instead of relying on conventional technology, Jio Home TV will rely on IPTV service. This means that Jio Home TV will use Internet connection to stream TV channels. The fibre technology that Jio uses for GigaFiber can support heavier loads and hence, it would be easier and cheaper for Jio to broadcast channels via its Internet connection.

Since Jio Home TV will be relying on Internet connectivity to stream TV channels, you can expect a lot of additional features that may not have been seen in this segment before. Rumours suggest that Jio Home TV will let users make voice and video calls right from their TV. Plus, if you have a smart TV, then gigabit class speeds of the network will let you stream 4K movies without any buffering.

Rumours have suggested that Jio Home TV will be quite affordable. The Triple Play Plan expected to cost around Rs 600 will offer access to 600 TV channels – this makes it quite cost-effective. Along with that, you could also get access to 1Gbps broadband and a landline connection.

Since Jio acquired stakes in Hathway and Den networks, the Jio Home TV could be launched with a robust support network derived from these two broadband operators.

Jio Home TV Pricing

Those who have applied for the Preview offer of the GigaFiber broadband service say that once the commercial launch happens, Jio will provide a landline and Set-Top Box. Therefore, subscribers will three services fused in as a package. And if the rumors are to be believed, then the Triple Play Plan worth Rs 600 would offer a month’s subscription to 600 TV channels, 100GB data at 1Gbps and unlimited calling via a landline.Jio PlansJio PlansJio PlansJio PlansJio Plans