/OnePlus TV & True wireless earbud is all set to launch in September 2019
OnePlus TV & True wireless earbud

OnePlus TV & True wireless earbud is all set to launch in September 2019

After a lengthy period of time and soliciting ideas from the company’s fanbase, OnePlus has finally revealed the name of its long-in-the-works TV: it’s called the OnePlus TV. A community representative confirmed the name on the OnePlus forums, saying “we believe there’s no other name that can best represent our value, vision and pride than naming it with our own brand.”

OnePlus has also unveiled the OnePlus TV logo, which is a OnePlus logo with the word “TV” next to it. For this, the company was “inspired by classic geometric progression, which can be seen from so many classic art forms, such the ancient Hindu symbol, the mandala, and the famous ancient Greek temple.”

The news might seem a little underwhelming, but it should at least reassure OnePlus fans that the project is still in the works. The company announced its plans to enter the TV market last September, but hasn’t said much about it since. A recent filing with the Bluetooth SIG, however, suggests that the OnePlus TV will run Android and use OLED panels in sizes between 43 and 75 inches.

OnePlus TV will be a unique Android TV

It seems just like the Oxygen OS makes the OnePlus phones special, there will be unique Android-based software powering the OnePlus TV.

Yet again, there are reports highlighting the certification document from Bluetooth SIG, which suggests that OnePlus TV will be running on Android TV OS. However, the document also mentions unique Android TVs. This is surprising as Google’s Android TV platform doesn’t allow manufacturers to modify much of the interface or features. Since OnePlus has been working with Google for its smartphones for long, it seems that the OnePlus TV may benefit with special modifications to its Android TV OS. After all, OnePlus has been consistently stressing that it wants to provide a smart and connected home environment that could possibly be achieved with Android 9 TV OS.

OnePlus has confirmed that the Oneplus TV will run on Android TV OS. However, the company says that it has worked with Google to make the Android TV OS faster and smoother. “OnePlus phones are known for speed and we feel that OnePlus TV will be equally fast. It is using Android TV OS but we have worked with Google to improve the speed and smoothness of the software significantly,” says Lau.

OnePlus has confirmed that the OnePlus TV will be using Dolby supported sound.

OnePlus TV codename internally is Dosa (we told you that earlier).

Some details of the OnePlus TV have been leaked through a screenshot of a Google Play Developer Console listing. It shows that the OnePlus TV will be powered by MediaTek MT5670 chipset that has with Mali-G51 graphics processor. It also reveals that the OnePlus TV will come with 3GB RAM.

OnePlus TV will offer some integrated content services. The specifics details have not been revealed yet, but chances are that one of the services is definitely going to be Amazon Prime.

Talking of Amazon, the website of Amazon India will be one exclusive store from where users will be able to buy the OnePlus TV. The other places where the OnePlus TV will be available are: OnePlus India offline stores, including pop-up stores.

OnePlus TV will also integrate with a OnePlus seamlessly where — and the details are scarce for now — users will be able to use the phone to control the TV. For example, and this is something Pete Lau told India Today Tech, users will be able to type something on their OnePlus phone to do a search on the TV.

Launch Date

As usual during the second launch event of OnePlus every year the company is about to launch the T variant of 7 Series and True wireless earbud with that OnePlus will launch it long waited TV. Which is named as OnePlus TV.

The OnePlus TV will be sold through the Amazon India website, as well as through offline stores run by OnePlus. Talking of OnePlus stores, a new flagship store from the company is likely coming soon in Delhi NCR area at the DLF Mall in Noida.

Last year, India Today Tech asked Amit Agarwal, Senior Vice President & Country Manager, Amazon India, about the OnePlus TV. He had said, “Of course, the OnePlus TV will be exclusive to Amazon India when it launches.”

As far as the quality of OnePlus TV and the experience it will offer to consumers is concerned, here is what OnePlus CEO Pete Lau told India Today Tech last year, “We have not set a date because first we want to get the product right. This is a big project for us. Initially, the idea was to launch the OnePlus TV in India around May, when the cricket season starts… But now we are not thinking of any specific launch date. At OnePlus, we are obsessed about the quality and we want to ensure that our TV meets the high standards we set for ourselves.”

How will after sales support be handled for OnePlus TV? Amazon’s Amit explained to India Today Tech last year, “Television is a growing category for us and we have invested heavily in making sure that people who buy TVs from Amazon India get seamless experience. That is why we have even started ‘install on delivery’ service for TVs. We will be able to utilize all of our expertise in delivering TVs to sell the OnePlus TV whenever it launches.”


Here is what CEO Pete Lau says on this says: “The OnePlus TV will not be cheap, it is a premium product created using quality materials. All of that cost money, but there are ways we save cost. We will sell the TV on Amazon so we save some channel cost. This is similar to how we save cost on OnePlus phones. So, we will price OnePlus TV lower compared to other premium TVs in its class.” The pricing will fall in between 50,000 INR to 80,000 INR.